TG’s Hot Sauce

North Carolina

Continuing with the theme of featuring made in North Carolina flavors on my Craft Que Review series, Tom Geist has really knocked it out of the park with TG's Hot Sauce.  He's got several flavors to choose from and they all have a distinct and powerful flavor.  A former Marine, Tom grows his own peppers in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina, just minutes from Camp Lejeune.

After moving to North Carolina from Southern California, Tom missed the array of hot sauces that are staples at most of the taco stands and Mexican restaurants in SoCal, so he started making his own.  While still on active duty, Tom and his wife perfected their arsenal of hot sauces, BBQ Sauces, and buffalo sauces and now they are available on his web site.


TG’s Hot Sauce has a product for just about anything.  If you can handle the heat, TG's Ghost Reaper BBQ Sauce should definitely be in your grilling repertoire.  I suggest you store it in a gun safe or the medicine cabinet so your children can’t get to it!  The first time I tried it, my tongue went numb and I knew it wasn’t for me, but I bought a bottle for my wife because she can handle it.  TG's Inferno 1 was named in honor of Tom's squad call sign in Iraq.  Inferno is definitely the right term to describe this sauce that is packed with the current Guinness Book of World Records hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper.  As if that wasn't enough heat, TG's Inferno 1 also contains the Ghost Pepper, the former Guiness Book of World Records hottest pepper in the world!

My favorite sauce from TG’s Hot Sauce is an unlikely combination of ingredients that goes well on anything from pizza to nachos.  TG’s Avocado Green includes tomatillos and green peppers in addition to avocados.  Other flavors like TG’s Hot Avocado Green, TG’s Red, TG’s Hot Red, and TG’s Habanero Buffalo Wing Sauce are exclusively available at the TG’s Hot Sauce web site.

TG’s Hot Sauce provides Southern California inspired North Carolina flavors that can spice up just about any of your favorite dishes.  Venture away from your main stream commercial flavors and go to his web site and order some!  

TG's Inferno 1

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