Stuffed Pork Roast


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Clean and trim up pork roast. Leave some fat it will help keep your roast moist while cooking.
Make a cut all the way through the roast leaving 1/2" uncut on both sides. Season well and marinate in apple juice for a few hours. Make sure you get seasoning and some of the juice in the inside.
Sautee an onion a red bell pepper and sliced mushrooms. When veggies are almost done, remove from heat and let cool. I added 1/2 cup apple butter to the cooled vegies.
Stuff your roast with as much of the vegies that you can get in!!.Secure the ends with toothpicks. Add some more of your rub,
Indirect heat and good smoke at 250 until temp reaches 170. This was about a 3 pounder and it took about 4 hours. Spray with apple juice about every 1/2 hour. When just about finished paint on a good coat of your favorite sauce if you want.

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