Jalapeno Popper Beer Bottle Burgers


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The Beer Bottle Burger was inspired by the Beer Can Burger that jdlohman shared on GrillMarked.com last month and is a testament to the unlimited utility that beer brings to the grilling table!!  If you want to pack as many flavors in to your burger as possible, this is an excellent method to trap your favorite burger ingredients into the burger…and it's simple!

In a bowl, mix together 1 container of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (the Chives and Onion blend), two cups of Kraft's Mexican Cheddar Jack shredded cheese, 2/3 cup of diced jalapenos, 1/3 cup of chives, three tablespoons Louisiana Hot Sauce, and a dash of onion powder and garlic powder.

Season 80/20 ground beef with with Code 3 Spices's Rescue Rub, onion powder, garlic powder, cracked pepper and Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. Mix it together to ensure all the flavors are evenly distributed. Make 3/4 pound beef balls and put them on separate paper plates…yes, each burger requires its own plate.

Using a beer bottle, press down on the beef ball and create a pocket. You'll have to use your hands to mold the ground beef around the beer bottle. Wrap a thick piece of bacon around the burger and press it into the meat. If you do it right, you shouldn't need a toothpick to hold it in place. Twist the beer bottle out of the ground beef. This is tricky because suction will pull the bottom of the beef up. Just be gentle and use your fingers to flatten out the beef once you get the bottle out.

Place raw spinach leaves in the cavity. This will act as a liner and keep the flavors from escaping while you grill it. Fill the bottle hole with the jalapeno popper mixture.

Set your grill up for indirect grilling. Grill at 350 for about 45 minutes or until it reaches your desired temperature. Before removing, top it off with a slice of Kraft's Big Slice Chipotle Pepper Jack.

Remove from the grill and serve on a garlic buttered toasted Kaiser roll and doctor it up with your favorite condiments and fixings.  

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