Corned Beef Patty Melt


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Get a ready to cook corned beef brisket at the grocery. Rinse very well to remove curing salts. Trim off most of the fat and grind it up making corned beef burger! You can get the butcher at the store to do this for you if you don't have a grinder.
Make some bread crumbs out of 2 pieces of rye bread. I have a small processor that works great for this. Or just tear it apart.
Take about 1lb of your ground meat, 1/2 cup rye bread crumbs, black pepper to taste and a few dashes of Worcestershire and mix well. No need for salt since the meet is cured!
Make your patties the shape of your rye bread, about 1/3 pound each.
Set grill up for direct grilling and grill patties. Note they don't brown up like a burger will.
sauté up some onions and fry up some bacon while getting grill ready and while your cooking patties.
Butter sides of rye bread, turn over and add swiss cheese, a good mustard and thousand island sauce.(I use Mississippi come back sauce) put your burger, bacon and onions on and grill like a grilled cheese. Cut in half and ENJOY!!

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69 Comments on “Corned Beef Patty Melt

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