Beer Can Burgers


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The Beer Can Burger is an excellent way to trap all your favorite flavors into a burger.  

Make a ball of hamburger meat about 1/2-3/4 pound. I use ground chuck. Press a full can of beer down in the middle (Yet another way to use beer while you're grilling!!) Shape the meat around the can with your hands. Wrap bacon around the meat and press in on so it stays without using a tooth pick. For a 1/2 lb burger use 1 piece and 2 for a 3/4 pounder. Twist the can and pull out of the mold you just made. Fill with your favorite fillings. I used sautéed onions, red bell pepper an mushrooms. Added a few chunks of smoked cheddar cheese, and some bbq sauce.  The filling possibilities are endless!

Cook over indirect heat at around 300 for about an hour. Half way through sprinkle on some parm cheese. The filling choices can be endless! Be creative and enjoy!!!!  If you like this recipe, you'll also love the Jalapeno Popper Beer Bottle Burger or the Beer Can Crab Cakes!!

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