BBQ Bread Bowl Sunny Side Up

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If you have ever smoked too many ribs, this is a perfect recipe to maximize the leftover meat. This is an easy way to incorporate leftover ribs, brisket, pulled pork or any other smoked or BBQ'd meat.

– Kaiser Rolls
– Leftover rib meat
– Coleslaw
BBQ Sauce
– Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese
Weber's Smokehouse Onion Burger Seasoning
– Melted Butter

– Pull the meat from the bones and chop it into small pieces.
– Chop the top off the the Kaiser Rolls and remove the inside bread. Brush melted butter over the roll.
– Sprinkle shredded pepper jack cheese in the bottom of the hollowed out bread bowl. Add chopped rib, coleslaw, more pepper jack cheese, and then top with BBQ Sauce.
– Wrap your hollowed out BBQ Bread Bowls with tin foil.
– Set your grill up for direct grilling. Set the BBQ Bread Bowls wrapped in tin foil on the grill. Carefully crack an egg on top of the BBQ Bread Bowl and sprinkle some Weber's Smokehouse Onion Burger Seasoning on top.
– Grill at 350-375 for about 20 minutes or until the egg is grilled over medium or however you like your egg.
– Remove and serve hot!

If you like this BBQ Bread Bowl, try our BBQ Martini or Pulled Pork Bacon Weave Taco!

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67 Comments on “BBQ Bread Bowl Sunny Side Up

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