Barbecue Bologna


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Smoked bologna is one the easiest meats to cook on a smoker because you can do anything you want to it and people love it. It also feeds a lot of folks so it's a good choice for large gatherings. I usually smoke a "chunk", which is smaller than a whole "stick" and it's plenty. You will need:

-1 chunk bologna

-favorite BBQ rub

-favorite BBQ sauce

First you will want to prepare your smoker for cooking @ about 225•. The wood you use is personal preference but I like to use cherry. While smoker is coming up to temp you can prepare the bologna by removing casing and using a knife score the bologna in a diamond pattern about 1" deep all the way around and on top and bottom. Next take your rub and generously rub it down. When smoker is ready place bologna on it and smoke for 2 hrs. After 2 hrs, mop on generously your favorite BBQ sauce and continue to cook 30 more min. It's done. You can be creative in how you wish to serve this,( on a slider bun, with good cheddar cheese chunks, etc ). Enjoy.


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