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My wife, Julie, and I spent the first year of our marriage in Hawaii and fell in love with the tropical cuisine and magnificent flavors of the islands.  In fact, I contribute much of my Grill Flavor Profile to the exposure of unique Hawaiian cooking traditions.  I got my first grill while I was living there and I remember one of the first


‘gourmet’ dishes I ever grilled was Mahi Mahi wrapped in fresh ti leaves.  Since moving back to the mainland nine years ago, Julie and I try to maintain connections to our yearlong honeymoon with subtle Hawaiian style in our home and yard décor and, of course, in our grilling.

I was first introduced to Da Kine Hawaiian products via their Instagram account.  Vanessa Kaslow, Co-Owner of Da Kine Enterprises, continuously posts beautiful pictures of their grilled and BBQ’d creations using their authentic Hawaiian products.  I asked Vanessa to Make Her Mark on GrillMarked.com by uploading recipes that feature Da Kine Hawaiian products.  The very same day, she uploaded her Da Kine Hawaiian Tri-Tip and Da Kine Hawaiian Pineapple BBQ Ribs recipes.  They were very successful as we blasted them out on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest handles.  They both received several hundred views in just a few days!  In addition to sharing her recipes with the Grilling Enterprise, Vanessa also sent us a box full of their Da Kine Hawaiian products!!

We were so excited when the box arrived and immediately went to work.  I wanted to get a feel for their base flavors so I used the Da Kine Hawaiian ‘Da Rub’ Original blend to marinate chicken wings before putting them on the grill. I finished them off with their Original BBQ Sauce.  I am a self-proclaimed wing expert and the Da Kine Hawaiian BBQ Wings were amazing!  I don’t always put BBQ sauce on my wings, but when I do, I choose Da Kine Hawaiian.

Over the next several days, Julie and I incorporated Da Kine Hawaiian products into virtually everything we grilled.  We marinated fresh zucchini, squash, and eggplant with Da Rub ‘Smoky’ before grilling them for a pasta that was seasoned with their Hawaiian Island Dressing.  This Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad is jam-packed with authentic Hawaiian flavors that will pair well with just about any main dish.  We paired it with Grill Fried Chicken Tacos.  Julie marinated the chicken with Da Rub and also added it to the flour/panko mixture for the breading.  After I fried the chicken strips on the grill, we built chicken tacos and topped them with their Hot Sauce.  The sauce is the perfect blend of ‘sweet and heat’ and can be used for just about anything.  The tacos were wonderful and we will definitely grill it again!  We also used Da Kine Hawaiian products on Hawaiian Pineapple Pork Chops and Hawaiian Smoked Ribs!  From putting their Hot Sauce on leftover cold pizza to creating a Five Star meal with Da Rubs and BBQ Sauces, Da Kine Hawaiian products have the versatility to transform any dish and will give you a true authentic Hawaiian experience!

Continuing on with GrillMarked.com’s theme of championing ‘Craft Ques,’ Da Kine Hawaiian is definitely a product that you all need to add to your Grilling Arsenal!  Visit their web site to learn more about their products.  In addition to rubs and BBQ sauces, they also offer Da Kine Hawaiian Tropical Syrups and Kona Coffees.  Reasonably priced, you cannot go wrong if you have a spice cabinet full of Da Kine Hawaiian's authentic onolicious Hawaiian products!

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