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As Memorial Day approaches, I'm really happy that I was introduced to Mike Radosevich and Code 3 Spices via social media.  I noticed a picture Mike posted on Instagram of a US Army Soldier that he was giving a shout out to and it sparked an interest.  As I opened up the Code 3 Spices website, it was immediately clear that they are more than just a flavor producer.  Mike and his business partner Chris Bohnemeier also give back and are advocates for charitable organizations that look out for our Police, Fire, Medical, and Military Personnel. Within minutes of commenting on Mike's picture on Instagram, he asked me to contact him. We immediately hit it off as we speak a similar language and have a shared appreciation of what our first responders and military personnel do.  

Mike sent me some of their Code 3 Spices and I've already grilled with three of them.  They have five flavors that are sure to increase the fire power in anyone's Grill Flavor Arsenal.  Chris and Mike started out with their 5-0 Rub.  This is a sweet and zesty blend of spices and flavors that they use as their competition rub.  I used it on some chicken drumsticks the other day and they turned out wonderful. Drumsticks are considered a delicacy among my three kids and they definitely gave Code 3 Spices 5-0 Rub six thumbs up!  

Code 3 Spices Rescue Rub is their sweeter, milder allpurpose version that will improve any of your dishes.  We used it on chicken wings.  Very rarely do I grill wings without adding buffalo or BBQ sauce, but the Rescue Rub is definitely a standalone flavor that you don't want to drown out with additional sauces or flavors.  I'm looking forward to using it on a Boston Butt or Brisket!

As a former Marine Infantryman, I was immediately partial to Code 3 Spice's Grunt Rub.  This is thier Garlic Blend that is a little coarser and is perfect on a steak or seafood.  The coarse texture allows the garlic, paprika, sea salt and other flavors to stick to the meat and infuse it as it grills.  I grilled some Mahi-Mahi the other night for a dinner party and it was definitely the talk of the table.  The Grunt Rub will definitely be in my grilling repertoire for years to come.

Chris and Mike also feature their Backdraft Rub and Sea Dog Rub in their Code 3 Spice formation.  The Backdraft Rub is their spicy version and the Sea Dog Rub is a Cajun blend.  I'm looking forward to using the Sea Dog Rub on some grilled shrimp and the Backdraft Rub on pork chops.  I'm confident that these flavors will pack just as much flavor as the three Code 3 Spices that I've already tried.  

As I've mentioned in previous articles in my Craft Que Review, if you only rely on your local grocery store to stock your spice and sauce cabinets, you are Missing the Mark.  Chris and Mike have created flavors that belong in every Griller's bag of tricks.  As a testament to their committed support to our Police, Fire, Medical, and Military Personnel, Code 3 Spices donates 50 cents of every bottle sold to charitable organizations that support our first responders and military service members! Go to Code 3 Spices website to order yours and show your support for our heroes in blue, red, and camouflage.

Code 3 Spices are proud supporters of The Back Stoppers, SAFE Call Now, and Operation Homefront.  Visit thier website to learn more about what they do!! Be sure to follow Code 3 Spices on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!!  

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